as a customer, many questions come to the mind before one buys anything. In cases of online purchases such questions become more profound and valid. These questions may be related to the privacy, affordability, quality of the products, shipment mode and time taken for delivery etc. hence we are giving the answers for some frequently asked questions for the convenience of our customers.

Q1: who is your delivery and dispatch service provider?

A1: we deliver all our orders via USPS ( United States Postal Service), the most reliable and timely delivery service provider for fast, safe and timely delivery.

Q2: Is the packaging safe and secure?

A2: we take extra care to pack all our orders and make sure that it reaches you in the best possible condition

Q3: Can the order be cancelled after payment has been done?

A3. No, it will not be possible to do so after the payment. You have to be careful to confirm your order before the payment.

Q4: What if my order is delayed?

A4: You can track your order and contact the customer care for any further assistance.

Q5: do you have COD option for payment?

A5: No, sorry, we don’t have COD option for payment. You can pay using any other mode as credit/ debit card, or paypal etc

Q6:  How can I cancel my order and will there be any charges for the same?

A6: To cancel your order you need to send an e-mail to us requesting the cancelation. Order can be cancelled only before the payment. No extra charges are levied for cancellation.

Q7: How can I track my order?

A7: you may track your order by logging into your account with your user-id and password.

Q8: Is your payment mode and online transaction mode safe ?

A8: Yes, our all monetary transactions are absolutely safe and secure?

Q9: What about the privacy and confidentiality of the customers?

A9: whatever information we receive from our customers as their name, age, credit/debit card details etc are never shared for any purposes. Your details are safe with us.