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Phentermine is an effective amphetamine-like prescription medicine recommended by physicians to suppress or reduce appetite. It can assist in decreasing excess weight by reducing the hunger or making a person feel full longer. It is also available online and on market in combination with topiramate. Like other weight-loss medications, this drug is used as part of weight-loss plan. Phentermine is prescribed for individuals, who have not been able to lose adequate weight with exercise or diet alone, and are obese. It is categorized as Schedule 4 medicine, meaning it has a possibility for abuse, though actual potential seems to be low.

Dose Pattern:

Take the medication orally as instructed by a healthcare expert. Usually, the pill is consumed once in a day, 1-2 hours after having breakfast or one hour before breakfast. If required, the medic may adjust the dosage to a small dosage up to three times in a day. Taking the tablet in afternoon might cause trouble sleeping. If you are taking sustained release capsules, usually the dose is consumed once in a day before breakfast. At the same time, these capsules can be taken 10-12 hours before bedtime. You should swallow the drug whole without chewing or crushing them.  

Negative Effects

Constipation, diarrhea, nausea, irritability, difficulty in sleeping, dry mouth or drowsiness may happen. If these adverse effects continue or worsen, try to get instant medical assistance. Phentermine may raise the blood pressure; therefore it becomes essential to check blood pressure regularly when taking this medicine. Tell your doctor immediately if blood pressure results are high.

Moreover, inform your healthcare professional immediately if any of these detrimental effects occur: change in sexual interest/ability, uncontrolled muscle movements, mood/mental changes, pounding/irregular heartbeat. Stop taking this drug and seek instant medical help if any of these uncommon but serious side effects happen: vision changes, severe headache, seizure, or severe weakness on only one side of body.


Before buying phentermine online, inform your medical care specialist if you are sensitive or allergic to it. This product might contain inactive ingredients that can cause medical problems or allergic reactions. Furthermore, inform the physician about your medical history, particularly if you had glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, substance use disorder, severe anxiety, thoughts of suicide, kidney disease, overactive thyroid, stroke, or pulmonary hypertension. In addition, the medication may blur your vision or make you dizzy. It might also seldom make you drowsy.