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Valium for Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

An alcohol addict is someone who cannot stop taking alchohol even if he wants. In case he stops drinking suddenly he develops AWS i.e. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome. He may experience both emotional and physical symptoms, nausea, mild anxiety and fatigue. Many a times seizures and hallucinations are also seen as symptoms. If a very high drinker shows AWS then symptoms can be life threatening as well. But with the help of medicines like Valium alchohol withdrawal symptoms can be treated and controlled. You may buy valium online Legally for the treatment of AWS (alcohol withdrawal symptom)

Why Valium?

Valium is utilised for the successful control of alcohol withdrawal syndrome and sometimes for anxiety disorders. Generally, Tension or anxiety associated with everyday stress does not need treatment with anxiolytic. But,  in severe alcohol withdrawal, Valium might help in symptomatic relief of tremor, acute agitation or chronic delirium tremens.

Administration and Dosage:

The dosage of Valium differs for person to person depending upon the extent of his dependence on alcohol. For successful treatment of anxiety disorders, 2-10mg of dose should be given 4 times daily. For severe alcohol withdrawal, a 10 mg dose should be given 3-4 times during the first 24 hours, which can be later reduced to 5 mg, 3-4 times daily as per requirement. In cases of skeletal muscle spasm, a 2-10mg dosage should be given 3-4 times daily.

Valium Addiction:

Valium has been subjected to Schedule IV control under Controlled Substances Act 1970.many cases of Valium abuse and addiction has been reported. Persons addicted to alcohol or drugs should be given Valium or other psychotropic medicines under regular surveillance as they have a high chance of dependence or addictability. If physical dependence on Valium develops, withdrawal symptoms would follow. The danger is more pronounced in people on long term therapy.

Side Effects:

The side effects reported in the persons using Valium are dysarthria, constipation, vertigo, gastrointestinal disorders, hypertension, acute hyper excited mental states, nightmares, sleep disturbances or insomnia, irritability, aggressiveness, rage, increased muscle spasm, delusions and psychoses etc.

Sometimes, Antegrade amnesia might also occur due to Valium medication, the danger aggravating at higher doses. There might occur some alterations in EEG patterns. Mostly low voltage fast activities have been noticed in people during and post Valium therapy. However, the benefits of Valium far exceed the side effects, so Buy Valium online for effective and rapid relief.